Spring Brook

p. 172 in Stitch pattern box

Written directions only, for the Left Lace Pattern, the decreases should be k2tog and even rows should read 

Rows 2, 4, 6, 8: k1, (p8, k1) to end.

p. 172 last line of column 1 updated to 

8[8, 8, 9](9, 9, 9)th repeat

p. 172 top of column 2 Note added 

Note: lace panels are shaped without changing total stitch count. Before lace shaping is complete the fronts and back are divided and armholes shaped. Please read ahead in pattern.

p. 173 column 1 

After Rep last 2 rows updated to:

Rep last 2 rows 25 more times, ending with row 8 of the 14[14, 14, 15](15, 15, 15)th repeat of the lace patterns from the cast on.

Repeat the lace shaping section from * to * once more. 

Continue in patt as established, working a single repeat of the lace patterns between markers and maintaining edging rib. 

At the same time when body measures 14.[15, 15, 15.] (15., 15.)" / 37[38, 38, 39.5] (39.5, 39.5)cm from CO edge, divide fronts and backs and shape armholes.