Stuck on one of my patterns? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:


Casting on

I'm not sure how to do this particular cast on?

We've put together a list of the most common cast ons including links to tutorials you can find them all here.




Please note that there are no problems in the written directions, which have been extensively tested. Some people have found that using markers between each repeat can cause problems with the lace pattern. If you are having trouble keeping track of the pattern I encourage you to reference the chart even if working primarily from the written directions in order to get a clearer idea of how the pattern lines up.

If your lace pattern isn’t lining up here are a few things to look out for:

Yarnovers on wrong side rows - did one get missed or dropped

Yarnovers on right side rows - did one get missed, or dropped while purling back on the wrong side

Forgetting to pass the slipped stitch over as part of the sl1, k2tog, psso

The sl1, k2tog, psso double decreases create columns in the lace pattern by stacking on top of each other. If one of these is out the extra or missing stitch is probably very near that double decrease.

Are there stitch counts for every row of Ishbel?

Yes you can find the sts counts here



My knitting doesn't look right.

Make sure the 2 spines created by the yo, k1, yo are in a straight line.

When knitting back on wrong side rows watch out for the stitch markers sliding to the incorrect side of the yarn overs.

How come the two outside edges don't have the same amount of stitches?

Because of how the stitch markers are placed the outside edge sections will not have equal amounts of stitches, instead count the stitches in the two outer panels between the yarnovers and ensure they have equal amounts of stitches.



At round 27 of the head I'm confused by the '8 times' does that mean 8 times in a round?

The directions 'k3, ssk, k to 5 sts from end, k2tog, k3' is for the whole round, so k3, ssk, k to 5 sts from the end of the round, then k2tog, k3.  The '8 times' is because this round is repeated 8 times, from rounds 27-34.



How do I make the sewn button loops?

Please use this tutorial to learn how to make the sewn button loops.



I've having trouble understanding what to do after working row 47 of the centre edging pattern pattern.  Help!?

On the next row you'll work row 48 of the centre edging pattern, and then continue to work through it row by row. Once you complete the 68 rows of the pattern, you'll start back at row 1.




I don't understand how this band is attached can you explain it to me?

It can be hard to visualize how to attach the band without a lot of pictures. Luckily a kind knitter has put together a great tutorial that should help if you are stuck.


Reading charts

Where possible, all patterns contain both written directions and charts.  Even if you prefer working from words sometimes charts can be a valuable aid, and so I’ve written about this here.  You might find this useful if you need some help with reading charts, even if you then decide that you prefer written directions.


Sherilyn & Veyla

On the rows that start with casting off sts, I can't seem to get the rest of the row to work out. What am I doing wrong?

Once you have cast off the required number of stitches the first stitch for the next direction will already be on the right hand needle.


Snapdragon tam & fliptops

I don't understand how this Inc4 works, please explain it to me?

*Knit the stitch on the needle but don't drop the stitch off the left needle. Then purl the same stitch, again without dropping off the needle. Repeat from * once. Then knit the stitch normally and drop it off the needle.  This turns the one stitch into 5 stitches


Which way am I supposed to slip the stitches?

Slip all stitches one at a time purlwise with working yarn held at wrong side, unless specified to slip them another way.


Yarn club questions

I've heard Ysolda has a yarn club, how do I join?

I've seen a project on ravelry from the Ysolda yarn club, how do I join?

The yarn club is a year long, so sign up happens once a year in late November. It can be your gift to yourself or to the knitter in your life who deserves a present that will last all year. You'll get 4 lovely yarn parcels over the course of the year and a week or so later you'll get a pattern designed to show that yarn off to full effect.

We will let people know when the yarn club opens via our newsletter and other social media channels and will keep subscriptions open until the club is full. 

Don't worry if you missed out, though. A year after the club members get the pattern, we'll put them on general sale.