self-portrait tuesday

becuase I couldn't decide which to post - 2 photos,this is me and my little brother - who is actually 5 and a half years younger - despite the height difference. Neither of us normally look so smart - but this was a my cousin's wedding last weekend. Not sure if you can really see it but I'm wearing an incredible necklace my mum bought me - it has dragonflies! meandstu

And this one was me and my friend Azi at halloween. Actually the day after, but we were at a party. On actual halloween I think I was the only student in the whole of Edinburgh Uni that went to classes in fancy dress - this place is so crap. I was a zombie bridesmaid/ prom queen - eighties b movie style - it was ace. ysandazihalloween

And this is the project I'm working on at the moment - finished pics are coming... rubyslippersbefore

ruby slippers