ive not vanished...

life's just been getting in the way of blogging. But tomorrow, when there is daylight I have a pile of things to photograph, and much to post about. In an attempt to not forget it all then, here are some of the forthcoming topics:- where the hell I've been since christmas eve. - the things I've made since then life will NEVER stop me crafting. - an update on arisaig and the sleeve sizing issues that proves I really do love you all and that theory is dumb. - finally an update on sp.

And that's the short version. I've been thinking about the pattern for the tree hoodie too - which do you think would be better, a standard pattern in a variety of sizes or a recipe for making it in your desired yarn (gauge) to desired size. I'm leaning toward the latter but it might take a little longer - I'd want to test it. But let me know what you think. I have another simple pattern in the works too. (So simple you might even get it tomorrow.)

Just wanted to let all of you know that i'm still alive.

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