the tiniest ysolda in the world

so I should probably have done something more constructive with my weekend but I found myself knitting a tiny kittyville hat. And then I couldn't not make a doll to wear it and enter the craftster create your twin challenge. Voting hasn't started yet but when it does you better vote for me. Hmm competitive crafting. I've been avoiding signing up for the knitting olympics. I have way too many other things to do. Will I sign up? Yeah probably. And I'll pick something complex (I've been thinking about a herringbone pattern jacket for a while), I mean it's competitive. Winning is possible, so I'd like to win. I think they need to introduce a more competitive element into my degree, I'd do better. Or tell me I can't do something, that works too. Did I mention I'm stubborn?Anyway the tiny me doesn't have to work, she just lies around on her patchwork quilt reading and knitting all day. Bitch.

In other news the pink cardigan is blocking, and the pattern for the apocalypse hoodie is coming. It'll be a few quid because I need yarn money. Yes really I do. I don't have lots of yarn nor do I just want more. That's just not the case. Not at all.

knitting and milton

pink cardigan