nothing went too horribly wrong. My cones of sock yarn came today, so I'm going to spend the day dyeing it and tonight working on the Matilda Jane pattern. Which I'm guessing nobody wants as an excel spreadsheet full of stitch numbers. Haha, I'll make it a bit more user friendly - but this method is really helping me keep track of the numbers and will make re-sizing fairly simple.

Talking of re-sizing, because there is so much shaping in Matilda Jane and I've only knitted what will probably be the second smallest size, I'm kind of wary of releasing larger sizes. But, I've had lots of feedback from people appreciating the relatively wide size range that Arisaig and the Apocalypse Tree Hoodie are in so I defintely don't want to dissapoint people with this one. I think one of the great things about being able to make your own clothes is that you can make the clothes you want to fit you. It's pretty pointless when patterns don't at least make that process easier. Well, I guess this is where you guys come in. I should have the smaller sizes ready over the weekend, but before I release the larger size range I'd like someone to test knit the pattern. I'm looking for someone with a bust size between 40 - 48 inches interested in starting to knit Matilda Jane in the next week. I'd like to have this size range released by the end of April, so if you think you can realistically complete it by then get in touch. (If you buy the 1st release I will send you the larger sizes when it is ready, at no extra charge and thereafter all purchases will include both size sets.) Don't worry about any of your other measurements, I'm happy to walk you through adapting the pattern slightly to fit your shape.

What do you get out of this?

A free copy of the pattern, obviously.

I can't afford to compensate you for your time and your yarn but you will get a beautiful garment out of it.

And because I really appreciate this I'll send you some of my hand dyed self striping sock yarn and some pretty beaded stitch markers.

Interested? email mail at ysolda dot me dot uk

1st come 1st served.

thankyou my dears

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