oh my!

yesterday I got bored and this happened: [photopress:DSCF1524.JPG,full,pp_image]

thoughts? I'm not sure about it, I wanted it blonder but sorta forgot to buy actual peroxide. This was just a blonding thing. Should I try and get it lighter, dye it bright red, back how it was or just appreciate it in all its coolness? Perhaps most worryingly this occured because I was thinking about dyeing some trousers black, and the shop had no fabric dye.

But there has been knitting, I finally picked Rosa up again on Thursday. I know progress shots are dull but here you go:


I started a hat with kidsilk, mmmm.... I have a feeling it's more beanie than floppy beret at the moment though. But the stitch pattern is so stretchy and squished up at the moment it's hard to tell. You know all those cool fishnetty patterns that are made by *yo, k2tog* across every row? And how they spiral if you do that in the round? Well this is kind of like that except I used double decreases (centred) to stop the spiralling and give a nice fishnetty rib sort of effect. I like it. The pattern is *k1tbl, yo, sl 2tog knitwise, k1, psso, yo* repeat end of round, on every round. I'm rather enamoured with twisted rib patterns at the moment, blame Cookie. [photopress:DSCF1532.JPG,full,pp_image]

Every post needs a silly sock photo:


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