more knittings

yesterday I felt like one of those swimsuit models working in december. Seeing as it's Scotland spring can't be relied upon to last more than a few days at a time. It is possible to experience all 4 seasons in the space of a few hours here. But anyway despite the hypothermia I got photos to prove how productive I can be crafting almost full time. These are all for the craft fair and are all of my own design, so if you shout about it patterns might be forthcoming. [photopress:armwarmers_and_flower.JPG,full,pp_image]



everything except the crochet flower is in Polar. The flower is in some random free synthetic yarn. It's pretty soft and cushy though. I held it together with some metallic machine embroidery thread. I quite like the result.

I embroidered this t shirt.


I figured I needed a knitting uniform, haha. I don't know much about embroidery so this is all in a (messy) split stitch I learnt from the sublime stitching website. I thought about using stabiliser but didn't because it cost money and I wasn't sure if I'd need it. Turned out that I didn't. I actually found the t shirt fabric easier to stitch on than woven fabric. Interesting (I did use a hoop, a metal one that I covered in cotton tape years ago as per the instructions in some ancient household needlework manual. I read those books from cover to cover many times as a child. I'm not sure how that has affected me.)


Anyway. I'm about to do the stuffies pattern. Unfortunately I'm a moron and didn't save it. So I have to start again. Most annoying. I'm thinking of trying to do a devil variation too. That could be cool.

Someone posted this on the thread about my mini me doll on craftster. Isn't it great:

Little Giant girl I love creepy marionettes and I've always thought it would be cool to make one. Giant me, hmmm....

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