The first to cross the finish line

Look what Kathyruth just posted: the first Matilda Jane by someone else. I'm so proud. Isn't it adorable? She made the sleeves longer which looks great and changed the button bands. Personally i think the horizontal ribbing works perfectly for the merino yarn she used - better than the button bands in the pattern would have actually. In the yarn given in the pattern, Rowan Wool Cotton, I think bands like that would have issues holding their shape but if you want to make Matilda Jane in wool button bands like Kathy's are a good plan. Oh and despite the fact that several people have got further without emailing me to point it out, there is an error towards the end of the yoke in the pattern. I know about this and will be emailing out a corrected version to everyone who bought it. If you have got further than this you might want to email me - the error means that part of the instructions are correct but are contradicted by an incorrect one. Depending on how you read it you may well have knit it correctly anyway, or it might not have much effect on the result. On the other hand... eh just email me. I'm waiting until tomorrow before sending the pattern because I want to triple check (again, this isn't the easiest pattern to spot errors in) it before sending it out. Feel free to send me abusive emails, death threats etc, but in the end hopefully you can forgive the odd imperfections.

the third (and last) post of the evening

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