shop :)

[photopress:weeknitters.jpg,full,pp_image] These little guys would love to come and stay with you. They'll look after your little knitting things and small projects :)

I'm finally putting things in the etsy shop - I just hope I'm doing it right. Only these pouches for tonight, but some more things are coming soon. Some you may have seen before (ages ago) and some completely new. I sort of want to make sure I'm doing this right first though, and I need to take pictures.

Thankyou for all the compliments about stripy. I finished the red jumper last night while watching My Summer of Love. Somehow I'd never seen it, although so many people have told me I would like it. I did I guess, but it seemed so very slight. Anyway, I finished the jumper, except for a few ends. My mum's reaction was - "oh! I had no idea it would be so dramatic." Pictures soon, until then make of that what you will.

And someone, please tell me that I'm doing ok with the etsy thing.

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