asking the internets

because you lot are so wise :) (*squeeeeee* thankyou for making my first day on etsy such a success - I am very much encouraged to keep making things for it)

Eh, sorry - back to what I was talking about. I want some recommendations, for all sorts of things. I'm getting the keys for my new flat next friday, which is very exciting. I think that that might be why, but I'm really craving some newness. So I'd like your recommendations for new things for me and my flat.

Think projects I can make to prettify the place, music to listen to - I'm really missing my flatmates' music collections, things to buy, watch, stare at idly, etc.

I'm always up for book recommendations too, although with this whole english lit degree I'm not hugely short of reading material.

On a knitting related note - I'm seeking the perfect stitch dictionary. Which to me, means lots of patterns - and most importantly charts. Must have charts. (I care more about the charts than the photos). Any recommendations?

So what's new in the world? I don't necessarily mean totally new - just new to me, anything you think I might like.


shop :)