lace up gloves

[photopress:operaglovesprogress1.JPG,full,pp_image] I'm so pleased to finally be working on a new version of the opera gloves pattern. I know lots of people have found the pattern to be a bit frustrating, including me. So I'm re-writing the pattern so that it's a bit simpler and hopefully a lot easier to understand. What's more exciting though is that I'm taking photos of the trickier bits and doing it as a guide to making them from any guage yarn and in any size you like. It's taking a little while because there is so little daylight at the moment. Basically today the sun didn't come out at all - I think it may have been scared of the wind, I was. I'm seriously considering eating lots in the hope that if I weigh more I won't blow away. It's now just after 4pm and I'm about to close the curtains. So hopefully tomorrow I can finish up the second of this pair while taking pictures. The poor glove has been sitting waiting for me to do the increases since Monday. There's also a very real possibility that I'll run out of yarn - this is how much I was left with from the first ball:


I think that means they were meant to be though. Just cross your fingers that there isn't less yarn in the second ball. I also need to do some clearer illustrations than these, which I'm really looking forward too. It's been a long time since I drew anything.


Thinking about illustrating this pattern / guide / thingymagig got me wanting to buy a graphics tablet again. So I have a bit of motivation now to make stuff for the etsy shop and to get some more patterns together so that I can buy one. I made these to sell, and to try some variations on the basic pattern. But then they were so perfect for my friend Anna, and her birthday was a couple of weeks ago so I had to give them to her. She got so excited that it was completely worth it even if they won't help me buy that graphics tablet.


I did a picot bind off on these ones, I love how that looks.


While I'm on the subject of these gloves, Dana made this great lacy variation and she's very kindly shared the pattern on her blog.

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