holiday cards

there's so much festivity going on in blogland at the moment. It still feels too early to decorate to me (no I don't think decorating for the holidays is silly when I live by myself). I do feel like making some festive things though. My mum's birthday is on Monday so I'll be spending the weekend crafting things to give to her. I'm thinking about making her some xmas cards that she can send out. Which got me thinking about how I'm unlikely to get any cards this year, and how I don't really have anyone to send them to either. Of course I have friends, but most of them live near by and? all are poor so we don't really exchange gifts or cards. I seem to be too young to get cards of my own, ones from relatives and family friends all go to my parents. But of course I have lots of friends and acquaintances that live far away and would likely appreciate a handmade card - all of you. I'm sure there must be some of you who like me are unlikely to get many cards sent to them so if you would like to exchange cards with me please email me: mail [at] Don't feel like they have to be handmade either, I know this is a really busy time of year and I'd appreciate any cards to brighten up my little flat so much :) Oh and I'm not at all religious, so please don't feel they have to be Christmas cards as such. Holiday cards sounds so American and PC but that's the best term I can think of. So who would like to exchange a card with me?

Oh and the sun is finally peeking through, so I'm going to take some pictures for the lace up gloves pattern now. And then I'm going shopping for craft and baking supplies for my mum's birthday. I hope you have a fun Saturday too.

it's gray and stormy outside

lace up gloves