cute cabled yoke cardigan for a girl without shoulders

[photopress:DSCF3301.JPG,full,pp_image] I had this with me on Sunday, and sometimes people would ask me what I was making. The response that it was a cardigan for me was universally met with perplexed looks and 'isn't it a bit small?' 'oh no,' I replied, patiently 'it just looks small because it's bunched up on the circular needle.' And I happily continued knitting. Then I got home and it was time to put the sleeve stitches on waste yarn. Uhoh. There weren't any sleeve stitches. I looked at my notes and scratched my head and wondered where I'd gone wrong. It wasn't that I'd made a mistake in the knitting. Much worse. I actually sat down and calculated the number of stitches at the yoke based on my bust measurement.


Somehow I took into account the stitches that I would cast on at the underarm without noticing that I might also want to take into account the small fact that I have arms - and shoulders. Unfortunately hacking my arms off would not only be messy it might stop me from knitting so I guess I'll be ripping this out.

Be distracted by some things that turned out a bit better. The banana muffin I just ate:

[photopress:DSCF3310.JPG,full,pp_image] I used this recipe from Nigella Lawson. Except I left out the sultanas because I didn't have them or the booze to soak them in. I substituted a bit of the sugar with honey because I like honey (I really like honey - I currently have 5 different kinds). Oh and I halved the quantities which made 9 muffins.


I also found this photo on the camera. A chocolate muffin I made from this recipe last week. Halving the quantities of this made 6, and the only changes I made were to use goats butter and soy milk. Both of these recipes were really good, you should try them. Which reminds me I need to get more cocoa so I can make more chocolate muffins. My favourite cocoa is from Suma. It's probably widely available in health food stores in the UK (I know Real Foods sell it in Edinburgh).? In baking it actually tastes like you used chocolate, and it's fairtrade, which is always good.

oh brother!

happy pancake day!