ravelling and tinkering

[photopress:ravelry.jpg,full,pp_image] I'm so pleased that I finally get to tell you about this. It's sort of hard to explain, but basically it's a site that allows you to organise and share your knitting things - like your projects, and your stash and needles and patterns and stuff. You can find new designs, and see who else has made ones you're interested in, or if you're a designer share your own designs. It's also like all these social networking sites but especially for knitters (and crocheters and yarn makers). It rocks. At the moment though the creators are working really hard to make sure they can cope with it growing so to try and keep control of that you have to sign up for an invite before you can join. Shouldn't take too long to get that though and totally worth the wait. I have a couple of invites I can send out, and can't possibly pick just 2 people so if you're desperate to check this out leave a comment and I'll send them to the first people who ask. Gone! Ravelry is such a good word, although mostly I've been unravelling lately. Thought you might like to see my progress on the reading hoodie. It would have been further along but last night I spent an hour unravelling the tangled yarn (I swear it came out of the ball like that). Then today I noticed something was wrong, back where I started last night. Maybe tonight it will actually get bigger!


Couldn't find any information on how to do the Japanese short rows if each of the pick up rows is also a short row. That's a crappy description but if you've ever made socks with a short row heel I'm sure you know what I mean. Anyway I kind of tinkered around with different methods but I like how it's turning out. This picture is far more accurate colourwise. shortrows.JPG

It's been so long since I last changed anything on this site that I'd forgotten how addictive tinkering with it is. I like the little list of my designs in the sidebar and thought it might be a good idea to give myself a bit of a reminder to finish the patterns for the 'coming soon' ones, hopefully I won't ignore them if I keep seeing them. We'll see if that works.


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