my stockings will last for ever and ever

I think I should start putting crazy impossible claims on my patterns - like the one on this 1940s ribbed stocking pattern: knittingforallillustratedstockings1.JPG


Well, maybe not. The slightly mysterious project in the last post is a ribbed stocking though.


Unlike the 40s ones mine aren't knitted on straight needles (I just glanced at the pattern and it made my head hurt). They do have neat little asymmetrically arch shaping and ribbed detailing.



There is another little detail that I forgot to photograph, but I think you'll love it. At least I do.

The tops are going to be lacy but I haven't designed that yet so I started the second one.


Yesterday I worked on my doll. These pictures probably give a much clearer idea of the (pretty small) scale.


She's about 1.5 inches from chin to top of head. The eyelashes need re-done, but first I have to buy some ink. I'm also planning on using gloss to make them nice and shiny.


The top of her head is full of teeny tiny holes, waiting for the hair to be glued in. That's next up, and then maybe she would like a body and some clothes to dress it in.

Right now I'm going to finish my tea,


and go to knitting group to work on my stockings and play with this pink sherbet (best colourname!) squishiness.


My hardcore weekend