Pleasing my inner six year old

DSCF3977.JPG My inner little princess is so very delighted today.


This dainty piece of knitting is becoming a flared, cropped cardigan with short puffy sleeves. Something like this:


Even to me this seemed a little ridiculously over girly, but I decided to just embrace it, sugary pink and all. Then I looked down and realised that perhaps this will quite naturally become a part of my wardrobe.


My poor mary janes are clearly falling apart, but that's ok because I think I've finally found a replacement. A shiny red replacement. I can't wait for them to arrive. Keep your fingers crossed that they actually fit, this whole ordering shoes online thing is a bit hit and miss but I could not find shoes I liked anywhere. The only casual shoes I can find that would look good with skirts seem to be ballet flats, which I simply can't wear - silly narrow heels. I'm also a little unsure about the veggie substitute for leather thing, it wasn't intentional at all (although I am mostly vegetarian) they just happened to be the shoes I liked the most. Anyone have any experience with this fabric, or the company? DSCF3986.JPG

Today I met up with a friend who had commisioned me to make her a fairy costume. We had so much fun fabric shopping, and now I have this pile to play with. Once I've made the dress the real fun will begin - shopping for twinkly embellishments.

Thank you to everyone who offered to test knit Snow White, I'll be sending out the pattern and details tomorrow. I've still got one spot left to fill, so if anyone would like to test the pattern for a 48-50" bust size please let me know.

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