Thank you mum

Yesterday evening I was at my parents house, helping my little brother study for his media studies exam by watching Chinatown and pestering him with questions about it. I did the subject all through school, but had never seen the film so it was kind of fun. And I wasn't only watching it for the costumes and the cars. The way it altered general perceptions of what film noir is is kind of interesting. Even got my brother thinking about the representation of women and whether the femme fatale archetype is actually being subverted by making her a heroine when she is still killed at the end. I seem to have caught my mum's cold (she insists she has a sore throat not a cold, but I'm still going to blame her). She made it better by sending me home with soup, last night. That should be a new rule - if you're going to give someone your cold you have to make them soup to comfort them while they have it. Unfortunately I think only mothers are ever going to behave like that. But thank you mum.


I did do something a little productive today, this pretty thing is blocking. The radiator has actually been on all day. Hard to believe it's almost June and that a few days ago it was warm and sunny and t-shirty / summer dress weather (nearly at least). Scotland doesn't pay that much attention to silly concepts like seasons. posieblocking.JPG

Little 'posie cardigan'. Named, by accident, perfectly for this Posie. Perhaps I should do a series of designs named after people who inspire me.


The sleeves shouldn't take long. Or they wouldn't if I didn't keep ripping them out and re-knitting. It seems to be working out now, hopefully. The state of my notes has nothing at all to do with the re-knitting, they make perfect sense.

My shiny new red shoes arrived today, so now I'm all excited to finish this. My mum has decided that maybe she should have given in to my desires for pink clothes and a red bedroom when I was actually six, because then I might have gotten over them. Might have worked... maybe.

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