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bagels.JPG For the first time ever, I made bagels on Friday night. It was kind of funny because I'd been watching Jonathon Ross while they were baking and he was teasing Gordon Ramsay about whether he could make things as good as shop-bought. That was pretty much how I felt about my bagels, there's something kind of special about making something you've only ever bought and having it turn out - well like bagels! I used the recipe in this book, which is my go to baking book, not to mention one of only two cook books I own. Very good toasted with goats cheese and home made carrot and coriander soup (saute onion in butter or oil, add chopped carrots, some bouillon powder, ground coriander seeds and boiling water - simmer until carrots are soft and blend, that's about as much of a recipe as you could need for soup I think).


This is the green knitting I mentioned in my last post, I'm re-working this in a different yarn, and changing the pattern (structurally rather than aesthetically, there are a couple of things I want to refine before publishing it). To avoid boredom and a strangely repetitive wardrobe I might use a different pattern on the border, maybe baby cables.


Posie is very nearly done, but there are lots of ends to weave in. Need to sit down and do that, and find some buttons. I seem to have a bit of an obsession with red buttons, and have my eye on a few ebay auctions. We took some photos, in my parent's pretty garden. Today it felt like summer, because the rain was warm. Somehow that seems like a very Scottish statement.





I hope you had a good weekend, with lots of creativity. Thank you for all of the congratulations, and for the reading recommendations. Many of the works you recommended were old favourites, some were things I've been meaning to read for a while, and others were completely new. I'm planning on putting together a static page with the list and my comments, but please keep the suggestions coming. This should, I think, be the summer of the short story, for me at least. Maybe we should have some kind of readalong, although in a fairly unstructured way seeing as it's summer. What do you think? This green thing is currently pretty good reading knitting. Interestingly, my mum saw her uncle this week and apparently his mother (my great grandmother) read while she knit. Clearly it's in the genes. Two more pictures, just because they made me smile. Conversing with the cat:



And aren't my new shoes adorable?

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