In Pictures

So many things to share - so this is going to be mostly pictures, but I'm sure I will have lots more to say about some of these things over the next few days. kip2.JPG

Our picnic for knitting in public day was great, I've blogged about it on the City Knitty blog. If you're in Edinburgh and want to be kept up do date about events like this and our more regular (3 times a week, currently!) meet ups we have a website (which I will soon be re-designing) and you can join the yahoo group to be kept up to date and get involved in organizing stuff.


I think I need to plan a photo shoot.


Love this little detail, single crochet around the edge and I got my perfect red plastic buttons. They aren't vintage though, I bought them from HandKnit on Saturday because after spending all afternoon weaving in ends and crocheting I needed buttons right then so I could call it finished. Luckily they had exactly what I had in mind.

I did get some vintage buttons found on ebay in the post today though.


I can't wait to design the clothes to attach these to. Here are a couple of pics for scale:



Today I also got a stack of craft books in the post. Only the Happy Hooker is for me but it's still fun to look through them even if I don't get to keep them.


Perfect with the book stand I found in a charity shop on Friday.



I've finally tamed several metres of bridal netting and progress is being made on the fairy costume a friend commissioned me to make.



My plants are actually growing. This little bud is on my bedroom windowsill,


and from there I could see these pots on my living room windowsill.



cupcakes and knitting and yarn oh my!