increasing the surprise

This evening I found myself tired at the end of a busy day and wanting something mindless but fun to knit. Admittedly I could have finished the sleeves of the smocked cardigan, you can't get much more mindless than knitting round and round with no shaping. Incidentally I think I've made a decision about the design of the sleeves. smockingsleeve.jpg But I felt like taking a break from projects that actually matter, that involve note taking and that have to turn out right and I wanted to make something smaller. There have been so many beautiful Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jackets appearing recently (far too many for me to select a few to link to) and I've been rather intrigued by the pattern. This evening, however, that must-knit-now urge I wrote about a few days ago struck. The thing is that although I've been intrigued by the sweater for some time I hadn't actually got my hands on the pattern.


And so I eyeballed a few pictures on ravelry and decided that what Zimmerman could figure out blindly without a photograph of how the various stages and the finished item would look I could do with those aids. I know that the stitch counts are probably off, but the proportions seem about right and it seems to be working out well. Right now I'm trying to figure out when to shape the neckline and how I'm going to accomplish the asymetrical fronts I'm envisioning. The biggest surprise of all might be if this actually goes to plan. I'm trying not to stay up way too late in order to find out, but as soon as it's done I'll let you know how it went.

Assymetrical Baby Surprise Jacket

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