WIP Week - Monday - The Bad Beginning

I love Kate's idea of turning this week into work in progress week, so I'm ripping her off and sharing a different wip every day this week. Seems a little less overwhelming than trying to share everything excitedly at once. Want to join in? DSCF5065.JPG

Anyway, here's today's wip. (So jealous of my mum's dressing table mirror.) This got off to a rather shaky start, I stayed up late one night last week sitting in bed plugging numbers into excel. Lately I've been trying to start off by working out multiple sizes rather than completing something and then grading the sizes, this is partly because I hate grading sizes and figure I'm less likely to procrastinate from pattern writing if it's already begun and partly so that I can hopefully avoid situations where something only works out for particular sizes. So I was doing calculations for 13 different sizes for a top-down compound raglan a la Maggie Righetti and for some reason decided it would be better to knit it from the bottom up. Bleary eyed as I was, the only reason I was up late doing maths was so that I could start this and so I cast on. Casting on almost 200 sts with fingering weight yarn on circular needs while sleepy is a recipe for disaster. Knitting this many rounds before realising the whole thing is irreversibly twisted is just plain stupid.


And so I cast on again, and I knit and I knit and I ripped and re-knit and then charted out overly complex ways to incorporate the shaping into the lace pattern. DSCF5084.JPG

And then I decided that the pattern would be much better if I knit it from the top down. As in if I'd just gone with my original plan. Doh! The major reasons for this decision were to do with making a better pattern rather than a better garment, the garment would probably have worked ok either way but this way I think the instructions will be clearer and the sizing easier to tweak. I did wonder a couple of times if the bad beginning was my knitting's way of trying to tell me something. Silly? Well when I finally started again from the top down I had no problems at all.


I love this stitch pattern, especially for the fact that the right and wrong sides both look good. Parts of the inside will be visible anyway but I may even take to wearing it reverse side out.


The false start does mean I get to show you just how well the ribbing joins the lace, pretty.


The yarn is Rowan 4 ply soft in shade 319. It's a gorgeous soft teal that my crappy pictures aren't doing any favours too. I bought it at my lys's summer sale, and since it was on sale and I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it I bought the whole bag (of 10 balls). When I took these photos I still had this much of the 2nd ball left (not counting what I used for the false start which will be ripped out at some point). DSCF5079.JPG

It looks like I'm going to have enough leftovers for matching knee socks, or even another jumper. Overly precious though it might be I'm quite fond of the matching knee socks idea.

And since I thought that after all of these progress shots you might like more of an idea of what I'm making I did this funny little sketch. DSCF5082.JPG

So what are you working on this week?

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