Daily Bread

DSCF5649.JPG No Knead Bread made with half wholemeal spelt flour and half plain white flour is so very, very good and much more successful than trying it with ordinary wholewheat flour. I think this really will become my every day bread recipe. Of course I don't eat enough bread to make it every single day, but it's perfect to make a couple of times a week and delightfully simple.


I've also been working on perfecting a recipe of my own. I often bake with whatever is to hand without bothering to measure things. This usually works, the only problem is that it normally works best first time and results in things that I can't re-create. This was one of those things, I made it on holiday and my mum and aunt insisted I start writing recipes down so that they could re-create them. So I've been trying to re-create this and I think, after a bit of trial and error, I know what will work, but haven't had a chance to try it out yet. As soon as I'm happy with it I'll share it here, because it really was wonderful - indulgent, rich and healthy. For now here's a peek at the ingredients alongwith a promise that I'll start attempting to give more helpful replies to the 'how did you make this?' query than 'threw stuff in bowl and mixed it together!'


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