Little Black Cardigan is finished (almost)

DSCF5660.JPG The cute little button tab thing didn't really work out, but I'm already planning on using that on something else. For now this has a single button and loop closure, but I'm not convinced it's perfect. I'm thinking of wide ribbon.


First though, I need to perfect this. The neckband is knit onto the back stitches but it's much too wide at the moment, need to use some double decreases.

There will, of course be a pattern for this and I'm delighted that many of you already asked about it. It's just so much easier to make shiny new things than write patterns but I need to stop that, I already have some catching up to do. Although I did start something new this evening it's just a wee thing, a gift and adorably cute so I'm not counting it. This little cardigan isn't quite finished yet, but that didn't stop me wearing it for most of the weekend.


LBC isn't really much of a name and certainly doesn't fit the characters theme I'm so fond of. I'm considering Inara, but I'm not sure it's perfect so if you have any other suggestions I'd love to know.


Pattern updates