Glimpses of a slow day

I've spent today pottering around my flat, not doing very much but messing with a few things. DSCF5740.JPG

Little works in progress sitting in the sun. They happen to match in colour, I think I bought these yarns a possible accent yarns for a long abandoned project, but have no other real connection.


Clearing out a cupboard and actually putting the stuff back. Mostly such organisational projects create more mess than there was in the first place. This little alcove in my kitchen has just become my living room and freed up the space that the giant armchair was taking up in the real living room which I'm now tentatively calling a studio.


Staining my hands pink making beetroot risotto, at least I had the sense not to try and chop it on my wooden chopping board. The recipe, which of course I've followed only loosely, was in the newsletter that came with my vegetables this week. I'll let you know what it's like tomorrow and share the recipe if it's good. I think my favourite thing about this organic box thing, which I've only been doing for a few weeks, is the instant connection to the seasons it creates, I'm looking forward to seeing what appears over the year. I have more beetroot and wondered about dyeing some wool with it, but a little googling has convinced me that it would only be a disappointment. Where's the fun if it would only end up yellow or beige? I hope you're having a good Sunday my dears, at whatever sort of pace.

Beetroot Risotto

Carrot and Ginger Muffins (vegan)