Sore fingers

from wrestling with wire DSCF5785.JPG

and tightly held double pointed needles.



The leaves are for an autumnal themed sock package.


And the birds are for me, I couldn't resist them in the bead shop and given my ability to lose them I don't think I could ever have too many stitch markers. I considered doing a tutorial but it's both too gloomy outside and I don't really have enough hands for the pictures to be clear. Google to the rescue though, this is the closest to the method I use. DSCF5794.JPG

Mostly today I've been working on this little guy.


I wasn't happy with the first arm (on the left), too low down and lumpily shaped. The right worked out much better, I'm so glad I bothered to re-work it.


Isn't that better? Not so lopsided and I love that he can sit up by himself.


He's just eager to stand though!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month