Long tail tubular cast on video

Today I finally got around to setting up the video camera to make tutorials. This is the first, the way I usually work a tubular cast on. It's basically a variation of long tail cast on, hence the name, and I've shown how to re-arrange the stitches for 2x2 rib. If you're working in the round you should work the cast on and 2 tubular rows on straights before switching to your circulars and joining the round. The reason for this is simply that the cast on will get really tangled on the cable if you work it on circulars. For 2x2 rib this method makes a much more elastic edge than the stocking stitch method, so it's ideal for my Snow White and Gretel patterns. I know that some people have had problems with tight cast ons for those patterns so hopefully this method will help. The video could be clearer, but I hope you can figure it out, I'm sure the next one will be a little better.

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