Elijah's Adventures in Glasgow

Today Elijah accompanied me and my friend Joanna to Glasgow. From a dress buying point of view it was totally unsuccessful, but we had a lot of fun. Elijah's collection of different transport experiences continued. First we took the train. He enjoyed peering down at everyone from the luggage rack, but preferred looking out the window.DSCF6225.JPG DSCF6230.JPG

Then we took the underground, Elijah waited patiently on the platform and was very excited to see the train emerge from its tunnel. DSCF6233.JPG

DSCF6234.JPG Elijah got rather bored while we rummaged through racks of vintage dresses but he loved climbing on this fruit and veg display. DSCF6236.JPG

Tired of shopping we went to this adorably cute little cafe called Pop near the Hillhead end of the Gt Western Road. You know how much I love to bake and I'm not easily impressed by baking, but this place's cake were really good. DSCF6239.JPG

Elijah made some friends, DSCF6243.JPG

and investigated a bubble full of cupcakes. DSCF6240.JPG DSCF6241.JPG

Unfortunately I'm very clumsy and somehow threw my coffee everywhere. Oops. Elijah got rather splashed and now the poor lil guy is taking a bath. Sorry Elijah! DSCF6248.JPG

Answering Some Questions

Tattie Scones