P2230584.JPG I've been meaning to take photos of someone with a figure that suits the shaping in the pattern wearing Snow White for a while. Today I finally got around to that. I also thought it might be nice to show how the neckline look with something under it - I really like the way these go together and it's a good option for those worried about bra straps showing.


This is Hannah, with her birthday present - Otto the polar bear. I'm working on the pattern for him, so I do hope you like him. He's from the same basic shape as Elijah and Sophie, but I used Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton which is a worsted weight - I think it worked really well and is a nice way to make the toys in a different size.


There are more photos on flickr :) It was so much fun to actually take the photos rather than model for once. Speaking of photos, I upgraded wordpress recently and forgot to re-activate a plugin, which meant that a lot of images were missing. Sorry about that, they should all be back up now.

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