Trop des rubans et boutons!

rubansboutons2.jpg I got to Toronto yesterday, more on that later, but before I left Montreal I had one place I had to return to for a longer visit.


My favourite thing about this store, other than the crazy buttony decor, is the giant drawer full of buttons that you can fill a bag from. I spent a good hour and a half digging through there and basically bought myself a button collection. So much fun + there's a button encrusted cobra guarding the treasure.


I haven't even had a chance to tip the bag out yet and sort through them, but I'm excited to really see what I got. And I selected a variety of red buttons from the shelves because apparently I have a thing for red buttons, the teeny bag of neatly choosen buttons was more expensive though than the giant one of random goodness.


Anyone in Edinburgh feel like opening a button store?

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