Lettuce Knit

I'm finally trying to catch the blog up on my Toronto adventures. On Wednesday Amy picked me up from the train station and took me to dinner in the Kensington Markets from where we walked around the corner to the Lettuce Knit knitting night. It's a pretty little store but they managed to squeeze a lot of people in, including several knitting celebrities, plus there was cake and beer. We had fun. lettuceknit.jpg


Elijah  and Otto found lots of things to play in.



Elijah found a great place to rest, but Otto was a little nervous...


They found people to play with too, they liked Denny but I think they liked her birthday cake more!



And they met Amy who I've been staying with. I got to see where knitty's made + raid the knitty review stash!


And Laura, who I'm staying with from today. It's raining and we're going to a party later so we baked. Lots.


Spinning etc

Trop des rubans et boutons!