Maybe it's a good thing there's 3300 miles between us*

Because not only did I have a lot of fun in Toronto with Laura (more of our adventures on her blog), but we now have matching shoes. fluevogs.jpg

Predictably we didn't manage to leave the Fluevog store after just trying them on, although that in itself was fun, what with trying on multiple sizes and prancing around and taking photos of our feet in the mirror.


We didn't end up quite this matchy, matchy. Laura was planning on getting them in green but they were sold out and I argued that everyone needs at least one pair of red shoes. It's a good rule.


Not only am I in love with these shoes, and the ridiculousness of buying matching ones, but they are so comfortable. I'm not usually a fan of heels but I wore these all day on Thursday (the day after we bought them), while traveling (=lugging lots of luggage around) and all weekend in London. Still comfy!

Now I'm back home, caught up on my email and catching up on laundry. Thank you for all of the safe travel wishes everyone, the traveling was tiring but totally easy and uneventful. I had a great weekend in London too, so I'm so glad I did that even if it did make the journey home more exhausting it was totally worth it.

*You know I don't really mean that, right? I wish we were closer, although I dread to think of the madness that would ensue.

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