What's on my needles?

crochet.JPG Ballee asked what was on my needles in the comments yesterday and for once the answer is almost nothing. The only thing I have actively on the needles that isn't in some sort of deep hibernation is a pair socks that I have about 6 rounds left on and that I can't show you. So that's my very dull answer. I do have something on my hook though! I spent my last day in Toronto in Lettuce Knit with Laura and the crochet cardigan she's working on got me thinking about crochet. So I found myself finally buying a sweater's worth of yarn and a hook. Seems to be working out.

I do have a knitting fo to share that you haven't seen yet, but by the time I remembered to photograph it even this last patch of sunlight had gone from my studio. It's still light though, long summer evenings is pretty high on my list of reasons to love Scotland.


Maybe it's a good thing there's 3300 miles between us*