Liesl - now with more Amy!

lieslamy2.jpg I was working on one of the multiple versions of Liesl while I was staying with Amy in Toronto and she talked me into giving her a (somewhat confusing) draft of the pattern. We bought yarn together that evening at the charming Purple Purl, Amy got the Araucania Nature Cotton that I used for the red version in a fantastically bright blue. Why of why didn't we take a picture of us both knitting the same thing? Sigh. We'll just need to be in the same place at the same time again so we can take one of us both wearing them. My only condition for giving her such a sneaky early version of the pattern was that she provided me with photos for the pattern.


So a couple of days ago I roped my other Toronto host and her new camera into taking some photos of Amy's Liesl. I've added a couple of them to the pattern and if you've purchased it you should either have received the update via email or downloaded the updated version. If you haven't got a copy of the pattern with pictures of Amy on it let me know because I corrected a typo that put the buttonholes on the wrong side and added some more info about buttonhole placement. Amy did buttonholes all the way down, because we weren't sure what would be the most flattering and though she's decided it looks best just buttoned at the top I like the way she spaced the buttons so they're closer together at the top. That works really well with the way the lace grows from the top.


I'm thrilled to be able to include these pictures with the pattern, partly because they're so great (thank you both!) but also because I feel bad that while I try to include lots of sizes in the patterns I usually make the sample to fit myself which means that you only get to see it in a smaller size. It can be really hard to visualise how something will look on a different size / body type so I think it's really helpful to include pictures of samples that more accurately reflect the size range in the pattern. I'm thinking of ways to do more of this in future, so if you have any thoughts / feedback I'd love to hear it.

Oh and if you want some company while knitting Leisl, there's a knitalong going on Ravelry.

Goodbye June, goodbye 22

Liesl Pattern