Sighisoara, Transylvania


The view of the clock tower at the top of the hill from the 'lower town'

We're in a little, very ancient town in Translavania called Sighisoara. We're staying right in the centre of the old town, which is on a hill top and all we've really done so far is wander around taking a million photos.


And looking down on the rooftops from the base of the tower

It really is like a storybook! Don't worry, the only sharp teeth we've seen have been on tacky dracula souvenirs. There are lots of souvenir stalls, but no one trying to sell them with any enthusiasm, most of the tourists seem to have left for the year. Which suits us just fine, even if it is cold.


We've seen lots of horse pulled carts, seemingly not as a tourist thing, but actually being used. We were going to go horse riding this evening, but it didn't work out. Maybe tomorrow.




Budapest is the new Paris!

Rila Monastery