Coraline contest

A couple of days ago I saw Neil Gaiman at a local theatre. He read from The Graveyard Book and managed to be very entertaining while answering questions. Afterward we managed by sheer luck to find ourselves near the front of the very, very long signing queue. gaiman

He signed my copy of The Graveyard Book, but that's not what you can see here. Look!


He signed the Coraline pattern, and he actually remembered linking to it ages ago and seemed very pleased with the copy I gave him. Why two copies though? Well one for me and one for you. It was too perfect an opportunity for a contest to pass up.

So if you would like to win a copy of Coraline signed by Neil Gaiman and (if you want!) me leave a comment on this post telling me which character you think I should design something inspired by or named after and why. Your suggestion can be from anything, it doesn't have to be from something by Gaiman. You have until midnight GMT on November the 6th to enter, just over a week. I'll draw a random winner and will happily mail it to wherever they are.

I will ask one thing though - I'd really like this to go to someone who will love it so if you could care less about having something signed by him and just want to win a pattern please wait. I promise there will be a contest that's just about my stuff soon!

p.s. This may be a sign that I'm finally getting somewhere with the wholesale patterns thing, maybe.

Thank you for entering the contest is now closed.

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