Rapunzel Stockings

A few months ago I designed these stockings inspired by Rapunzel with braided cables and eyelet ladders. The pattern is part of a feature on bloggers in the new issue of Knit 1, with profiles and designs by several great bloggers that I'm delighted to be alongside. This is the magazine photo of the stockings, though there's something weird going on with the compression so they're not very clear, I'm assured that they're crystal clear in print though! Rapunzel

I sent them off to New York while Laura was visiting and I got her to take some photos of me wearing them. Unfortunately we were in a hurry and I'd posted them before we noticed that in every single one of the many, many pics we took you can see right up my skirt. Oops! So here's a blurry one of me adjusting them because it's the only remotely decent one and a tightly cropped detail shot. There's definitely a lesson here about checking your photos before it's too late.


I'm not entirely sure when the magazine will be out, but the website goes live on Monday so it shouldn't be too long. Locals - we will have it in K1, but there's usually a bit of a delay between when it comes out in the states and when it arrives here.


My neck seems to be smaller than I think