Assymetrical Baby Surprise Jacket v.2

absj-2 For the last few months I've been slowly knitting knee socks with this yarn*, and although I love the yarn I was starting to realise that I was unlikely to ever wear the socks, if I even finished them. There was one thing the yarn wanted to be and a few days ago I gave in and listened to it. I don't know any babies this tiny, but I'm sure one will show up eventually, and it was the perfect comfort cold knitting.

Unlike my first version, I did start this off using the pattern, so it has nice details like the cuff and back shaping. I did the assymetrical opening slightly differently too. After binding off for the neck shaping I knit to the 2nd marker on that ws row, turned and worked only on those stitches, continuing to increase at the marker for 18 ridges. Then I knit back to the abandoned marker, picked up 18 sts along the edge, then knit across my abandoned sts. Then I knit the buttonband according to the pattern. I do love the original, but I'm really pleased with the way making it assymetrical makes a bigger feature of the mitreing. It works so well in this subtly shaded self-striping.


The buttons are a slightly random choice, not at all what I had in mind, but when I was going through my collection these ones looked the best with it. And now this tiny jacket is hanging amidst my buttons.


*This, to my mind, was the perfect thing to do with the yarn, although I have seen some great socks in it too. Although this is it knit quite loosely, on 3mm compared to the 2mm needles I was using for the socks, it blomed wonderfully when washed. It's Fyberspates self striping bfl sock yarn. I don't think she has any available individually at the moment, but there is this club. For locals, we have a very small amount (none in this colourway) left in stock at K1. As for me, I still have half of this skein left and 2 more in the colourway pictured on the fyberspates site that my boss genoursly gave me for xmas. Hmm... I'm thinking of designing a pixieish gartery baby hoodie.

I know these photos aren't particularly fantastic, but the fact that I was able to even take a photo indoors in todays gloom is thanks to my new lenses that arrived today. I'm very excited to play with them some more.

Anyone for tea?

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