Stitches with Style

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at Stitches with Style in Newark, DE. This was a nice big store full of wonderfully welcoming knitters and lots of my knits. stitcheswithstyle Sara, the daughter's owner picked me up from the train station and I quickly roped her into modelling my sample Matilda Jane - which fit her perfectly. She's already bought the pattern to make her own. This one's in New Lanark's silk tweed double knitting weight and my friend Mel knit it before I left. stitcheswithstyle-2 Another, rather glam, Matilda Jane showed up. stitcheswithstyle-3 Isn't it pretty? stitcheswithstyle-4 They had a potluck dinner, with lots of tasty dishes - I left very full, but couldn't get into this Delaware specialty. 'Pretzel salad' - pretzels, cream, jelly with strawberries. Hmm... stitcheswithstyle-5 I considered feeding mine to this guy. stitcheswithstyle-6 Or maybe this one stitcheswithstyle-9 There was a brilliantly colourful Ishbel, who's knitter wasn't sure about wearing it - tell her she should! stitcheswithstyle-10 I helped this knitter pick out yarn for her Liesl stitcheswithstyle-7 and there were more in progress stitcheswithstyle-8 and ready to be swept dramatically away from my camera stitcheswithstyle Later I met this gorgeous vintagey adaptation of Little Birds. stitcheswithstyle-2

Thank you to everyone at Stitches with Style for having me and to Liz and Jen for hosting me and ferrying me around so graciously.

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