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I've been too busy to catch up on the blog again, but let's see if I can at least make a start. Last weekend the knitting industry gathered in Columbus Ohio for a lot of work and plenty of play at the TNNA trade fair. It was great to explore the marketplace, discover new things and talk to the people behind the yarn but my favourite part was meeting so many of the people I know online in person and discovering that they're so much more wonderful in 'real' life. There was more ridiculous jumping.



Late at night a bunch of us hung out in the hotel, Mary Heather dove a little too far into my trunk show.

And Jess convinced me and Cirilia to do a hilarious model off.

Of course the thing that everyone's talking about is Jeni's ice cream, which I might have eaten daily for 6 days - and bought the matching shirt.


Jeni's is not only the source of fabulous ice cream, they also provided Cat Bhordi with dry ice - which drew a lot of us to the Stitch Co-op booth. dry ice is clearly very interesting

Mousie had to invesigate, but I'm happy to report he survived the ordeal. Once most people had left I got to hang out with Miriam, we managed to entertain ourselves with more ice cream and silly photography. It was so nice to spend a little longer talking to her outside the craziness of the show.

365-92 FDT-Jeni's

After the show I stayed in Columbus for a couple extra days for my event at Wonderknit which happily led to being around to attend a talk given by the lovely Louisa Harding.

Louisa Harding

I left TNNA so wonderfully inspired and motivate to get going on some new projects, I'm excited to be spending a week back in New York but I'm also looking forward to going home and getting back to designing full time.

I've spent this weekend in Pittsburgh - with baby alpacas and lots of pie - and before I leave I'll be at the Sewickley Public Library tomorrow from 7:15 - 10, it would be great to see you there!

p.s. thank you to everyone I shamleslly stole photos from!

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