Settling in

Sorry - didn't mean to disappear for so long! I've been busy settling back into home and catching up with friends and family.365 -108 Eating dinner at my own kitchen table, with a book of course. 365-115 Remembering how to cook, there have been a few strange messes (I've forgotten the baking powder in cakes twice) but some successes too.


365-113 Unpacking treasures I'd forgotton about - this one is from Little Flower Designs, I bought it at the little craft fair I visited in Baltimore. home-6 Dealing with boxes of yarn and winding a few hanks on my fancy new ball winder. 365-111 365-114 Ready to work on some new things. home-3

and a secret project 365-110 that I can only show you a little glimpse of. home-2 home-7 Travelling has been a wonderful motivation to de-clutter and organise, but there have been many, many piles like this in the process and my studio is still rather chaotic, although it's a little better than this now 365-117 and it does have a cute doorstop. home-4 365-116 Hand delivering a book to an old knitting friend, back in Edinburgh for just a short time happily timed so that I got to see her. home-1 Hanging out with friends, including Sarah with new projects from my patterns to show me - her dk weight Liesl and the Yarn Forward scarf (a few people have asked about buying this online - I'm so glad that you're interested in this but for the moment the only option is to find the magazine, contractually I can republish it after 6 months so look out for it in a few months). home-8

From the woods

Hello home and 24!