Oops, sorry for the rather lengthy silence! I've been super busy recently and I suppose I was just feeling a little quiet. But, now that I've found my voice, there's lot's to catch up on. Iknit (although you're probably sick of seeing my flyer for it) was lot's of fun. It was so great to see so many of my patterns in real life. iknit09-1 iknit09-2 iknit09-3 iknit09-4 iknit09-5 iknit09-6 iknit09-7 iknit09-8 iknit09-9 iknit09-10 iknit09-11 iknit09-14 One of my favourite things about the weekend was that I got to meet Susan Crawford, spend some time chatting with her and even try on some of her garments - oh how I wished I'd put more effort into hair and makeup then!



Aren't these sleeves amazing? I also realised that my very first sweater and 2nd project was from a Susan's Stitch in Time. I remember being so inspired to find the original 70s edition in my local library (amidst the not at all inspiring 80s and 90s books). Like all first projects it's full of imperfections, but it certainly lead to where I am now and I didn't even realise Susan was to blame.


Of course, I managed to come home with a nice armfull of yarn to squeeze, and we managed to fit in a trip to Liberties and exploring the Sunday markets around Brick Lane into the trip, so some fabric and new clothes were also procured.