It's cold outside

snow barges I've been out to play in the snow a little and got thoroughly bruised in the process,

YIP 7 - Jan 7th - sledging made me so happy + bruised but a lot of fun all the same.


Mostly though I've been staying warm in my nest,

YIP 8 - 8th Jan - xmas present to myself playing with new toys yarn circles

and slowly trying to make things both more pleasing to look at cotton reels and easier to use.

YIP 3 - Jan 3rd - little boxes YIP 9 - 9th Jan - wardrobe

When the sun does make an appearance, my desk is the perfect place from which to enjoy it,

YIP 5 - Jan 5th - my desk

although the view more frequently looks like this, luckily I have plenty of knitting to be getting on with!



De-cluttering cardigan