snapdragon-1Je asked what the hat shown in yesterday's post, was? It's my Snapdragon Tam, I've been trying not to wear my samples too much, because it's so great to have ones in good condition events. I love seeing knitters try on my designs and sometimes it's also fun to convince one of my friends to show one off at an event, as Laura kindly did at Rhinebeck.


However, in the case of this pattern and the accompanying flip-top mitts I haven't been able to resist wearing them. The mittens are so practical, the hat works both posed at a careful angle and pulled down to keep the wind (and snow!) out of my ears and even if those things weren't true I don't think I'd be able to resist this colour. This magical, instant smile, go with everything, cheer up the gloomiest of days glow is from Madelinetosh, really all of their colourways are beautiful but I can't promise that any other than Gilded have these sorts of superpowers. YIP 7 - Jan 7th - sledging made me so happy + bruised I'm sorry Sarah, but I might have to talk you into knitting up some pristine samples for events, wearing these is just making me too happy.


It's cold outside