scissor cushion-2My studio's still a bit of a mess, but I finally have something that I've dreamed of since I was about 8 (I fell in love with sewing long before knitting) - a space to sew that doesn't require any setup. A couple on nights ago I threw together a cover for my chair's cushion, something that's been desperately needed for a long time. scissor cushion-1 The scissor bows are making me so happy, they're made from tape printed by Jezze. It's not weird to adorn everything with craft related imagery, is it? macaron-2 Spurred on by the success of my wee cushion project this evening I started cutting out fabric for something bigger - Macaron from Colette patterns. YIP 13 - Jan 13th - cutting into the good stuff I find cutting into fabric so very difficult, I'm always worried that the project will go wrong, or that I'll find a much better use for that particular piece. The result of this of course is that I have a bunch of fabric that I never use, which is ridiculous. No more! If it does go wrong, while it might be harder to fix than knitting, it will at least have been a learning experience - and I've got plenty more fabric.

Stitch by stitch