Happy Valentine's Day

YIP 45 - Feb 14th - Happy Valentines!I can't say I'm very into the holiday, but there was a pile of felt sitting temptingly on my desk and I find it hard to pass up any excuse for either crafting or dress up. YIP 40 - Feb 9th - felt

Instructions for the rose can be found on the Purl Bee and here's how I made the other. felt flowers-5 felt flowers-1 Cut 7 small circles from felt, I used a penny as a template. This is a really useful type of marker, the other end is an "erase" tip so that if you are left with any marks after cutting out you can easily remove them. felt flowers-2 Thread a needle with matching embroidery thread, fold a circle in half and insert the needle through both layers near one end. felt flowers-3 String all of the circles onto the thread next to each other in the same way as the first. When all are threaded, bring the needle back around to the first and thread it through all of the circles again. Pull up tight, arranging petals neatly and stitching to securely fasten. Sew button to the front and kirby grip / bobby pin or barette to the back. felt flowers-4

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