swatches How do you feel about swatching? Do you even do it? Is it a hated chore, or a loved part of the process? Do your swatches lie, or tell you all sorts of useful things about your yarn and pattern combination? Be honest! I've been working on some swatches to illustrate the book's chapter on swatching today and figured that if I could come up with a few thousand words and a lot of photographs on the subject that you might have opinions too.

the book is eating my house

Earlier I started a fascinating conversation on twitter by mentioning that the chapter was getting a little too sexy. If that idea leaves you terribly confused, just know that there are directions to abuse the swatch and Clara Parkes (master swatcher) agreed that "swatching is the ultimate yarn foreplay". Slightly ridiculous yes, but we really do love swatching and think you should too, even if you don't find it quite that exciting.

so many sweaters

From little swatches, great sweaters. Many, many sweaters.

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