I read a book

Last Wednesday I got up early and started reading a book at the breakfast table. reading.jpg

At the airport I continued reading it with my second breakfast.


I read on the plane, and in another airport, and kept reading on the second plane. People look at you very strangely when you're leafing through more than half a ream of paper and everyone else has a computer. Much as I love technology sometimes it's easier to work on paper.

reading on the plane

Before going to meet all of the lovely knitters at Stitches South the next day, I finally finished reading my book over yet another breakfast - featuring wonderful Georgia peaches.

P4155455.jpg And, after a final meeting (in person in Massachusetts) with graphic designer extrordinaire Julie, this little book is on its way to being ready to be read by you. Actually it's not in the least bit little, 264 pages of information on sweater knitting. I'm sorry for the delays, and for the silence here. I really haven't done anything except work on it for the last few months but I'm really proud of it and excited to see it printed - I hope it will be worth the wait! Just because this photo is adorable, here's Julie with Jess who introduced us in the first place and who is kindly hosting me this week. I'm super excited to have a little free time to craft for this wee babe, there is SO MUCH yarn in my suitcase!



Get counting hedgies!