Handspun Sugarleaf

I decided about two weeks before we were leaving for the US and Rhinebeck that I needed to make Sugarleaf, as my second Rhinebeck Sweater for me. I'd spun both colours of the yarn during the Tour de Fleece in 2012 and 2013. I really didn't know what I was going to make with this yarn when I spun it, but knew I wanted to do a colourwork yoke sweater or cardigan. I considered a few patterns and kept updating my queue but was never happy with the choice. I knew I wanted to make Sugarleaf for myself after helping with the photoshoot at last year's Rhinebeck but never put the two together. I'm so glad I waited and didn't make something else with this yarn. 

The brown is actually two different lots of natural black Blue-Faced Leceister, if you look carefully at the MC of the cardigan you can see a subtle stripe. If I'd really planned ahead I could have plied them together, but I quite like the effect the stripe has. The blue is Corriedale I picked up in New Zealand in 2012. The sleeves are shorter than called for in the pattern as I wasn't certain on my yardage, so I finished the body and I-cord button band before starting the sleeves. The other modification I did was combine the 40 & 42. So the front is a 42 and the back is a 40. I did the bust short-rows as they are written in the pattern. 

I did manage to finish the knitting and get it blocked before we flew to the US. But I still didn't have any buttons or toggles. I took my cardigan with me to the Melissa Jean Designs stand on Saturday morning, bought the leather buttons and sewed them on on Saturday evening. Then I wore my Sugarleaf on Sunday. I do love this cardigan, the BFL is so soft and cosy.

I know I'm making a silly face, but it's the best picture of the whole cardigan. Plus it's cold out!

I know I'm making a silly face, but it's the best picture of the whole cardigan. Plus it's cold out!

Handspun Sugarleaf-5.jpg
BFL fibre.jpg
Corriedale fibre.jpg
Handspun Sugarleaf-8.jpg
Handspun Sugarleaf-7.jpg

Note from Ysolda: Bex was worried it seemed too much like bragging to point this out, but by the way she spun this whole thing ON A SPINDLE. I think that earns the right to brag about it, personally.

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