Addicted to Blank Canvas

It's not that often that I get so attached to a pattern that I have to make more than one let alone three, (admittedly it has happened before). Once with Francie (I've made four pairs) and then again with Sherilyn (I've made four – two for samples and one as a gift and one for me).

But when Ysolda made the first Blank Canvas I knew I wanted one. The first one I made using 2 strands of 4ply held together JC Rennie Unique Shetland. Smalt and Storm, I did try a few variations before settling on this one.  I really like how from further away the fabric looks like one colour, and it's not until you get close to it that you realise all the colours that are in it. I love this sweater and it seems like I wear it at least twice a week. And quite often throw it on in the evenings when I get in.

bex blank canvas-7.jpg

Before I'd even finished the first sweater I went stash diving to figure out if I had something suitable to make a second one. I found suitable yarn, but the colour not so much! This one is made out of a superwash merino, Sanguine Gryphon Traveller in a cheerful yellow buttercream suitable for a baby blanket or someone with a much different skin tone to mine. 


blank canvas II yarn-1.jpg

I contemplated dyeing the yarn in the skein or after it was knit up, I decided to knit it up first and then dye it. When I say dye I really mean ask my friend Mica of YarnPony to dye it for me, she actually knows what she's doing. I gave Mica the swatch, leftovers and sweater and told her that ideally I'd like something in the blue/green spectrum, which is exactly what I got, and I love it. Thanks Mica!

Blank Canvas II-1.jpg

For my third and final (I think I've overcome the addiction) Blank Canvas I decided to make a v-neck version. Lucky for me Ysolda used my measurements for the v-neck example during the Perfect Sweater class so I didn't end up having to do any calculations, I also added in my standard bust dart calculation.

V-neck blank canvas III-1.jpg

This version is knit using Skein Queen Voluptuous in Chocolate. I purchased it at Edinburgh Yarn fest near the end of the extremely busy day, and was surprised I was able to find a sweaters worth at the booth. 

I believe three is the number to cure an addiction. But I do have plans to use the 'raddle' shoulders on a different sweater that calls for a standard raglan. I think I'll get a much better fit in the shoulders.


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